About Educational Games with Vulpis Game CEO..

Could you tell us briefly about your company?

Our company offers web-based corporate software solutions and game programming activities and develops R&D projects.

•  What are your views on the future of the Gaming Industry?

The future of the gaming industry is bright, but not in the mobile part, but in the PC and Game consoles parts. Now it is getting harder and harder to make money from advertising, and publishers, not game developers, make money. In addition, users are now tired of watching advertisements and have started to realize that others are making money thanks to these advertisements, so they have stopped supporting them.

• Which coding Platforms do you use in Game Programming?

I use multiple platforms in game programming. Depending on what kind of game to make. When necessary, such as Unity, Unreal or Gamemaker Studio, Godot

• Do you use the Construct 3 Platform?

I used it a long time ago, I don’t know how it is new. When I was using it, it was just called Construct. At that time, mock-ups were ideal for making games, but it was difficult to create something detailed.

• Do you design educational games?

I design educational games.

• What do you think about educational games?

Educational games can be very useful and beneficial when designed and used correctly. But it is not used much in our country. It is possible to teach students almost all lessons through games or just support them, but it is difficult as long as there is no fire and students are not given the opportunity.

• For which operating systems do you make games? (IOS/Android) (Windows/OS)

I’ve developed games for all of them, but developing games for PC is always more enjoyable and less of a chore.

• What are your recommendations for our young friends who want to work in the Game Programming industry?

Even if they try to improve themselves first, the education they receive from school will not be sufficient in any way. Let them follow the industry. Let them come up with original ideas, work on them, and try to make games as many times as possible. They cannot add anything to themselves by making what we call clone games. At some point they get stuck.

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